What to bring / Wish list

Rio Pejivalle

Rio Pejibaye after a rain

What to  Bring:

Long sleeve shirts
Long Pants
Tall Socks
Non-Deet insect repellent
Rubber Boots (or buy/rent them here)
Work Gloves
Hat & Suncreen
Print-out of bus schedule and daily routine/guidelines

You will likely see all types of weather once in Costa Rica.  Cool evenings may require a sweatshirt or light jacket.  In addition to short sleeve shirts and shorts, you will also want to bring lightweight comfortable pants and long sleeve shirts. For work, we recommend old pants and a long sleeve shirt – things you won’t mind getting stained.   Muck boots are always helpful in the rainy season, as things have a tendency to get muddy.  Everyone wears rubber boots, particularly out in the country.  They are available here for around $12 – $16. If you don’t want to buy them you may rent them from us for $5 for the duration of your stay (providing we have your size).  You will also want to bring comfortable, tall socks for inside the boots. Rain gear is equally helpful. A small umbrella (airlines won’t allow it in your carry-on), a flashlight, and a hat for sun protection will come in handy. A quick dry towel would be handy, as clothing and towels are line dried.

If you are traveling with just a backpack, we recommend putting all of your clothing inside of a large plastic bag inside the pack. Rain can happen without notice.  Please don’t plan to use a hair dryer or curling iron while staying at our place.  Since our property is organic, we highly discourage the use of any hair dyes and personal hygiene products that have chemicals like sodium laurel sulfate, bleach, or other carcinogens.  We try to use natural products for cleaning like salt, vinegar, baking soda, lime juice and sometimesOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA, Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap.  You may want to bring insect repellent – make sure it has only natural ingredients (and nothing with DEET!). A small first aid kit may come in handy as well. Don’t forget your camera! If you enjoy bird watching, you may want to bring a small pair of binoculars.If you are tent camping, bring your tent, sleeping bag, and whatever else you need to make your stay comfortable (light blanket, pillow). You will be setting up on a tent platform.

If you will be taking the bus while traveling around Costa Rica, we recommend taking no more than you can comfortably manage on your own. Print out a copy of the bus schedule – you are going to need it.  And make 2 copies of your passport (one copy for you, one for us), and proof of onward passage leaving Costa Rica (see the FAQ page under How Long Can I Stay in Costa Rica).

Our Wish List

If you would like to bring a little something for the farm, here is a list of suggestions – they may seem somewhat ordinary, but many things common elsewhere are difficult to find in Costa Rica:

pure tahini
spicy mustards
all nuts (preferable unroasted and unsalted) raw almonds or cashews for example
dried cranberries
nori seaweed (not spicy)
sun-dried tomatoes
raw sesame seeds
raw sunflower seeds
loose-leaf teas
nutritional yeast
pure coconut oil

Dog collars and leashes – all sizes
Rugs for dogs
Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap
sterile gauze pads
sterile medical tape
rolls of 2″ or 3″ veterinary wrap
solar flashlight
rechargeable AA and AAA batteries
cheesecloth (example)
essential oils – eucalyptus, neem, citronella and catnip



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