About the farm

Planet Costa Rica

A misty morning on the farm.

Our farm is situated in a small mountain valley in the Talamanca range.  The farm’s terrain includes flat pastures and gentle to severe inclines. Everything we grow is organic. The farm was originally a coffee farm, but we let much of the coffee areas return to their jungle state, and we experienced the return of the birds (toucans, oropendulas, pecho amarillos) and butterflies!  We have a large slope of organic banana trees in several varieties. A wide grassy road up the farm is lined with mandarin orange trees, water apple trees, laurel and eucalyptus. The road takes you up to a lookout point with views of Volcan Turrialba on clear days, and down to our bordering river with a natural swimming hole.

We grow water apples, banana, plantain, cas, lime, guyaba, guanabana, pejibaye (a palm tree cluster fruit), coconut, yuca, malanga (a root vegetable), quetisque (another root vegetable), and naranjillas.

Our love of coffee brought us to Costa Rica in 2005. After moving here, our attention quickly turned to the plight of animals in need – the injured, the abused, the abandoned. Our farm has since become a haven for those animals. Many have healed and been adopted out. Others are still under care. Others yet have no intention of leaving. Caring for and safeguarding the animals is an important part of what we do every day.

Our Organic Garden


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