The animals

The central goal at Planet Costa Rica is to keep the animals that live on the farm happy, healthy and safe.  We strive to put their needs first.  In addition, we never turn away an animal that is injured or is in need of critical care.  That does not mean we take in every stray or accept animals from locals who simply want to get rid of them.

Costa Rica, unlike the United States (where you seldom see an animal running loose on the streets), is filled with loose dogs.  Some are true street dogs, others are pets that simply run loose.  Many follow their owners to work every day and follow them home at night.  You will see many people out for a stroll with a dog or two following close behind.  You seldom will see a dog on a leash.  Overall, this doesn’t cause as much turmoil as one might think.  It’s not uncommon to see dogs in open air restaurants, dogs walking through church during service, or dogs walking inside an unfamiliar house.  It just what they do.  In the cities, the street dogs are territorial, each having a section of a block where they hang out, and that section usually contains a restaurant or butcher shop from which they get their food.  They will frequently run off other dogs that come into their turf.  They truly do have their own society.

Most of the animals on our farm are strays, street dogs, and dogs found injured or ill.  If you are interested in adopting one of these beautiful creatures, please contact us! We understand the paperwork process for getting a dog from Costa Rica to the US, and would be happy to assist you in getting it done.  We love them all, but would love to see them placed in great homes where they can have all the attention!

Here is a bit of background on all the critters living on the farm so you can get to know them better:

Chancho – We were alerted to a dog that was abandoned along the road in the banana fields.  Chancho had been dropped off, and was patiently waiting for his human to come get him.  He had been there for days. He was extremely overweight and had trouble breathing after walking a short distance. His teeth were in horrible condition. He is 10-11 years old and is a special needs dog. Although he loves cats and chickens, he does not socialize well with other dogs. He has lost some weight, can now hike up to 7 km, and has had a thorough teeth cleaning.  He is much healthier and much happier!

Raja – This sweet girl was found walking down the road. She looked like a skeleton of a dog with a huge head. Her skin was in horrible condition. She is ultra-sweet and loves to cuddle. She is starting to pick up some weight, and her skin is much better.



Dante – this kitten was found by one of our farm helpers, tied up in a plastic bag along the roadside.  He was in there with his brother, which unfortunately did not live.  Both were far too young to be separated from their mother. He now leads a happy farm-cat life, playing with the dogs, climbing trees and chasing bugs.



Magaly – this chicken can be described with one word – scrappy.  She is fearless, and will eat out of a dog’s bowl – while the dog is eating.  They chase her off and nip at her feathers, but she just doesn’t care.  She has been here a couple of years, weighs as much as 2 chickens, and at times thinks she is one of the dogs.



yasiraYasira – this energetic pit bull mix came to us near death, her hind leg broken from being run over by a tractor. She had a high fever and was barely conscious. Her owners were going to shoot her because it was too much trouble for them to care for her wounds. Once we splinted her leg, got rid of the infection, and rehabilitated this girl, she became an immensely strong and intensely playful girl. She’s not a fan of other the other species on the farm, so she is walked on a lead. Keep her clear of the chickens, goat, cats and pigs. She would love to take you for a walk.

Pepo – this little pig was a rescue from a group of people in San Jose.  He was being raffled off and was soon to be turned into cicharrones. They managed to get him away somehow, and we agreed to host him on the farm.  He and Gumby are now best friends.



kendallKendall – one rainy night, someone cut a hole in a screened area of our lower gate and pushed Kendall through.  She was maybe 3 or 4 weeks old.  She will steal everyone’s food if given a chance.  She is full of energy, up for anything. She loves to play with Sophia the cat and anyone else that will pay attention to her. Unfortunately, she has something against chickens, and will attack them if she gets the chance.  We keep her close to the house and away from our feathered friends.

PalomoPalomo – Palomo is a retired work horse.  He is friendly and inquisitive, and likes to hang out where the people are.  He roams the farm freely; with the exception of the upper area by the main house (where he would eat our banana crop). He is not shod (he does not wear horseshoes any longer) and we don’t ride him.  He is retired and content to live his live on the farm mowing the lawn. Brush him and give him a banana and he will be your friend forever.

sofiaSophia – Sophia was thrown over our fence when very young – far too young to be separated from her mother.  She has grown into an intelligent and lovable critter. She holds her own with the dogs. Sophia prefers papaya to tuna fish, and she is crazy about avocado and seaweed. She loves to sleep behind the house in a suitcase.

gumbysunbathingGumby – Gumby was in need of medical attention when rescued. He had a massive hernia “pelota” on his stomach which was filled with his intestines.  He has had two surgeries to correct the hernia. He is extremely smart, affectionate and sensitive. He loves attention!

freddieFreddie Mon – we found street dog Freddie begging for food at a bus stop in a neighboring village. His hair was thick and knotted, and he was bald in spots. He was completely infested with parasites.  After a 3-1/2 hour haircut, we found a tiny, skinny dog beneath the mound of hair. Today he runs around the farm exploring, and is ready for adventure!



Goaty McGoatface – A man from a neighboring village called to say he could no longer afford to care for his goat.  He asked if we could care for him. We were expecting a mean old goat.  We were surprised and delighted to meet this sweet and affectionate young goat.  He now grazes on the farm by day and sleeps with the chickens by night. His original name was Chayene, but he answers bleatingly to Goaty.


indicaIndica – One Saturday we heard a noise at the gate. We went out to find this poor dog with her hind leg mangled. The bone was protruding through the skin. After the surgery by one veterinarian failed miserably, the leg was amputated by another. Her lack of a leg, however, does not hold her back in the least! She is bright and energetic, and always takes the lead on our hikes to the river.


Lenteja – This beautiful girl was dumped at our gate recently. She has big sad eyes, and everybody falls for her. Once we work out the logistics, she will be headed to a new home in Rochester, New York.



photo-3Cafecita – This pretty little chicken showed up one day and stayed.  The other chickens get put in their coop at night, but Cafecita is impossible to catch, so she just hangs out in the coop area at night.


Dulcita – we found this poor baby scavenging for food along a desolate section of road. She appeared to be around 6 weeks old and was most likely a drop-off. This little dog was as sweet as can be, so we named her Dulcita (which translates to ‘little sweety’). She also goes by ‘Mousey.”


Bowser – we agreed to take this poor street dog off the streets of Puerto Viego from another rescue organization. His skin was in terrible condition was a result of of a poor diet.  He is around 8 years old. Bowser is a gentle creature with big sad eyes.  He loves to talk, and he gets along with all the other animals.





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