Confirm your stay

Once we have received your application, we will correspond with you via email as quickly as we can.  We may have additional questions, and we will want to discuss your travel plans and intended length of stay.

Program Costs

Helpx, Go Overseas & other (website, facebook, google, etc.): Shared indoor lodging at $50 per week, vegan breakfasts and lunches provided on working days. Other items (pasta, rice, beans) are available to prepare for your dinners on these days as well. As there are frequently multiple persons inquiring for the same dates, we recommend you submit the lodging payment as soon as you are able so we can reserve your the dates. The space will be available to others until the lodging payment is made.


1)  Submit lodging payment via PayPal using the links below (you do not have to have a PayPal account – you may use a debit or credit card).  With this payment we will hold your dates while you are completing the additional steps below.
2) Copy of Passport (this is asked by all lodging establishments in Costa Rica);
3)  Proof of Travel (flight itinerary) so we can help you plan your trip to the farm;
4)  Signed accident waiver.
Items 2, 3 and 4 should be submitted prior to your arrival on the farm.
Send items 2-4 to

Shared Indoor Lodging:  2 weeks  RESERVE
Up to 14 nights payable in advance ($100). **You may also use this link to pay for 1-way airport pickup or return**

Shared Indoor Lodging:  3 weeks  RESERVE
Up to 21 nights payable in advance ($150).

Shared Indoor Lodging:  4 weeks  RESERVE

Up to 28 nights payable in advance ($200). **You may also use this link to pay for round trip airport transport**

Shared Indoor Lodging:  6 weeks  RESERVE
Up to 42 nights payable in advance ($300).

Shared Indoor Lodging:  8 weeks  RESERVE
Up to 56 nights payable in advance ($400)

Intern: 3 Months RESERVE
Shared Indoor Lodging ($500)

Work/Learn/Stay Program: 2 weeks RESERVE
Shared Indoor Lodging ($200)

The work/learn/stay program is ideal for those with limited background in animal care, organic agriculture, and/or vegan food prep using primarily fresh fruits and vegetables.  This is a one-on-one approach, designed to provide a more comprehensive explanation and instruction set to those wishing to absorb and experience as much new material as they would like. Stays longer than 2 weeks are available. Email us with the length of time desired so we may send you a custom invoice via email.

Partial weeks – for less than full weeks, use the next highest weekly interval (for example, for an approved 10 day stay, use the link for 2 weeks).

Refund policy – lodging payments are non-refundable. Once you reserve your space, we turn away all others for the spot.  We receive multiple inquiries daily, and can only accept a few. As most lodging is reserved months in advance, cancelled spots are difficult, if not impossible, to re-fill. This creates a labor shortage on the farm, and we frequently must hire locals to perform the work.

If you feel you may not be able to make the trip, please do not make the commitment. If you are worried that unforeseen events may cause you to cancel your trip, please consider purchasing trip cancellation insurance. In the event you can not make your trip, you may reschedule for a later date, subject to availability. Otherwise, please consider lodging payment made as a donation toward the care of the animals.



Bus Schedule covers to and from the farm from Turrialba, Cartago, Tucurrique and Pejibaye — print this and bring it with you – you will need it!

Bus Directions from San Jose San Jose Bus Terminal Website (Lumaca)

Country-wide Bus Schedule – information is deemed accurate but we recommend you verify the schedule independently with the bus line directly.